Friday, November 4, 2016


In this post I will write about the social websites like instagram, facebook twitter...

Social websites are webs that we have and we can ad our friends to the web and see what they post to that web and opine or comment what we thing about the post that this person published in the web.

Social websites have a lot of advantages and disadvantages and in this article I will tell you some advantages and disadvantages that social websites have. In my opinion the best advantage that social websites have is that you can establish relationships with other people and later you can meet them in the real life and be good friends, another advantage is that you can share your photos and coments and people can see what you are doing in that moment or they can see you in a beautiful picture. Also, you can speak with people when you are at home and the other person is in their house.

Some disadvantages of social websites are that people can do a lot of cyberbullying to other people and because of this people stay alone. Another big disadvantage of social websites is that you don't know that the person that you met on the web is real or is a false account. Moreover, people can manipulate your photos and upload them to another account and use them to do cyberbullying or to speak with people saying that it is you.

In conclusion social websites are good to do relathionships but any can use these to manipulate you and be carefull with what you upload to the web.

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